My Bedside Table

21 Nov

My Bedside Table

Old age is catching up with me,
From my toes up to my head.
I felt it most while gazing
At this table by my bed.

I laid my hair piece over there,
My own has grown quite thin.
The hearing aid is next to it;
I’m deaf ’til its put in.

Also, I can’t see a thing,
Without my glasses on.
They’re beside my false teeth;
Yes, my own are gone.

I kinda get the feeling
As at those things I stare……
There’s less of me here in this bed
Than on that table there.


I liked this poem that a friend of mine showed me.

I tried searching around for the poet who wrote this, but to no avail.


One Response to “My Bedside Table”

  1. Anthony November 29, 2012 at 7:57 am #

    This is truly gorgeous, meaningful and inspiring, seriously! The amount of imagery it has placed in my head, painting pictures in my head. The more I am reading poems, the more I am become more passionate about reading them. They really paint images into your imagination, in which no two people will experience the same imagination. This is giving me a whole new appreciation towards poetry. I’m slowly preferring poetry over movies/TV series!

    Ps. Fantastic blog layout! I’m really feeling it, and enjoying the effort and solid design you put into it, keep it up!

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