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Concrete Poetry

29 Nov

I have taken a real liking to concrete poetry.

I was under the impression that concrete poetry and visual poetry was the same.

But apparently “concrete poetry” is words of a poem in the form of a shape.

While “visual poetry” is art made from a poem.

The following poem I used in my assignment 2 is an example of concrete poetry.



Star bright,

Star shining

In the dark of

night, over a cavern deep and dark, Inside the cave

a baby’s born, who shall die on the cross, But

Do not mourn, for he is the one to save

our race, for we have fallen

from grace, Three kings

and three shepherds have

Come by your light, through

this cold,                      dark, and

winter                          y nig

h                                  t.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   –     Stephen Neville

This piece is named “Star Light”. I tried to find other poems done by the author but came up with nothing. It is also possible I might have gotten the author wrong.


My Bedside Table

21 Nov

My Bedside Table

Old age is catching up with me,
From my toes up to my head.
I felt it most while gazing
At this table by my bed.

I laid my hair piece over there,
My own has grown quite thin.
The hearing aid is next to it;
I’m deaf ’til its put in.

Also, I can’t see a thing,
Without my glasses on.
They’re beside my false teeth;
Yes, my own are gone.

I kinda get the feeling
As at those things I stare……
There’s less of me here in this bed
Than on that table there.


I liked this poem that a friend of mine showed me.

I tried searching around for the poet who wrote this, but to no avail.

Fish’s Night Song

20 Nov

⋃ ⋃
− −
⋃ ⋃ ⋃ ⋃
− − −
⋃ ⋃ ⋃ ⋃
− − −
⋃ ⋃ ⋃ ⋃
− − −
⋃ ⋃ ⋃ ⋃
− −
⋃ ⋃

– Christian Morgenstern

This piece is called “Fisches Nachtgesang” or in English the “Fish’s Night Song”.

I have no idea on what this piece is supposed to be about.

But I look forward on hearing the comments of my fellow classmates.

A good site of poems

13 Nov

is a website blog I stumbled around while doing assignment 2.

Very useful, great insight into meaning behind various poems.

(Would have been very useful at the beginning of semester)


Also using

UbuWeb is a completely independent resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts. (description by UbuWeb)