William Carlos Williams – Silliman

16 Oct

Actually by strange coincidence I came across Silliman’s Blog while researching more about Xenotexts(I add the link to it in my links)
I kinda got lost in the xenotexts. Just reading reviews and visiting almost any website with a reference to it.


Silliman has onlya few threads on William Carlos Williams


Silliman considers “Spring & All” to be one of WCW best works.

Apparently when WCW published his book “Spring and All”  in 1923 it was considered a failure.

But when the book was republished in 1970 as “Spring & All” it was a hit.

Illustrating the point that poetry is not just made of words but also depends on shape.
Silliman also talked about how WCW utilized his personal life as a muse for his romance poems.


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