Christian Bok

16 Oct

Christian Bok is attempting to do something very adventurous in bringing poetry and microbiology

Previously scientists have used bacteria to store messages

In 2003 a group of scientist managed encoding the song “It’s a small world” into bacteria.

They even monitored the bacteria to see if the song mutated but it stayed the same even after 100 bacteria generations(which in some bacteria can be anything from 20minutes to 24 hours)

The intentions of the scientists is simply to find a new method of storing data. The scientist are mostly working with the bacteria “Deinococcus radiodurans”, a bacteria that has been tested as the most resilient form of bacteria known to human beings. With hopes of storing data a timeless action, to literally have data that would live forever(or a very very long time)

But what christian bok is trying to do is not only code a poem into bacteria but he also want it to reply.

Bok has actually carried out his experiment on the bacteria E. Coli and it received amazing reltus.

His poem which starts with “any style of life” got a reply of “the faery is rosy”.
He also intends to utilize the “Deinococcus radiodurans” bacteria initial testing is complete.

Its like talking to the bacteria.

I can’t help but envision a future where we can literally talk to a heart, or maybe ask whats wrong with it.

It seems to be a project that will take some time but the result should be worth the time.


Ron Silliman’s views on the project:


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